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Season's Greetings

With December right around the corner, it's never too early to start thinking about the Holidays! Christmas is only 40 days away!!! This month there are 7 new merry and bright stickers in the shop to get you in the spirit of the season, as well as a Christmas Sticker Sheet! This season's stickers are filled with festivity, from the magical wardrobe in Narnia to perfectly baked gingerbread, there is a sticker to spark joy for everyone! Don't forget to download this month's free phone wallpapers!

In the busy months of December, make shopping effortless! Stickers make the perfect stocking stuffers, and they are a great way to let loved ones know you are thinking of them this holiday season. Make someone's season a little brighter by sharing these stickers!

Subscribe to my mailing list to be a part of special offers and updates! This month my email subscribers received 15% off all winter stickers! Don't miss out, subscribe on the home page!

Here are the free wallpapers for the month of December, inspired by the winter weather that we all love and dread at the same time!

Happy Holidays everyone, take care of yourself during this time of year <3

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