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Love is in the air! 💗

February is here! Even though it is the shortest month of the year, it is still full of love and warmth! Valentine's day is almost here, a time to reflect on the love surrounding you!

This month's stickers are themed "La Vie En Rose" which is French for "Life In Pink", which means to see life in a romantic way, or through rose colored glasses! I hope this month's stickers help you reflect on the love in your life, that you give and receive.

This month I also made a "La Vie En Rose" print to help you romanticize your life! It's a great way to focus on gratitude and remember all of the things that make your life so special!

Finally, here is this month's free pink and lovely wallpaper! Click to expand the images, save it and screenshot it to use it as a wallpaper on your phone, laptops, etc.

Happy Valentine's Day from me to you! I am so grateful for you! Thank you for supporting me and my dreams 💗

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