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How to Get Through Art Block & Keep Inspired, 8 Tips

Art block is a common struggle and can be a serious hinderance in creativity. It can also be easy to lose artistic inspiration and stagnate in improving your skill set. And sometimes you may just have absolutely no ideas on what to create. If you feel like you're lacking in creativity or your ability to create, I hope these 8 tips can help you anytime you experience an artistic rut.

1. Feel Inspired by Others

It is always nice to be inspired by fellow artists and to be challenged by their creativity! Draw this in your style challenges are a great way to encourage you to develop your own style. It is also nice because you can focus on creating art without coming up with a concept, since another artist has provided it for you! Be inspired but never copy someone else's art, don't trace another artist's work, and have fun making it your own!

2. Follow a Prompt List

This is another great way to help you create without having to come up with your own concept, because one is already provided for you! Pinterest is a great place to find art challenges and lists that give you a jump start for creativity. You are given a word and then you can let your mind run wild!

3. Keep a List of Inspiration

Any time you have an art idea jot it down, preferably somewhere you can find it! This will help you find inspiration in your time of need!

4. Start with a Doodle

Even if you can't come up with anything new to draw, still create your go to doodles. Those lopsided flowers and funny faced characters could lead to a new found inspiration!

5. Follow an Art Tutorial

Try something new or refine your craft by following an art tutorial! If you're a digital artist like me here are videos I created for your entertainment and educational value!

6. Be Inspired by the World Around You

The world is filled with beautiful art! Be inspired by nature, tv shows, and other things in your everyday life! You'd be surprised by how much inspiration you can find right under your nose.

7. Remember Why You Create

Your why for making art can be a driving force behind feeling inspired, remember why you want to create in the first place. To share, express yourself, improve your skill set, etc. Find your why and focus on it!

8. Take a Break

As counterproductive as this may sound, sometimes we experience art block because our mind is fatigued from coming up with all of our previous creations and ideas. A good rest can help you reset and refresh your mind so it is ready to come up with new projects that you look forward to making!

Just remember art block happens to everyone, and you will get through it! Hopefully these 8 tips help you the next time you experience a drought in your artistic creativity.

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