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Free Fall Bucket List!

Celebrate the season with this free fall bucket list! Autumn is definitely my favorite. I love all of the warm colors, cozy clothes, and the change in the atmosphere. There are so many fun things this season brings along, as simple as sipping a bowl of hot soup to as complex as making the perfect pumpkin bread. I've compiled a list of some of my favorite things to do during the Autumn Season. Feel free to use this bucket list to inspire your autumn adventures!

  1. Eat a warm bowl of delicious soup Whether you spend hours brewing the perfect homemade stew or buy a can from the grocery store, enjoying a hot bowl of soup is a great way to bring warmth to a crisp autumn evening!

  2. Go on an autumn hike Fall provides the perfect scenery for an autumn hike. The crisp air and bright fall foliage make for a lovely day in nature.

  3. Burn fall candles Fall candles provide a cozy atmosphere, not to mention amazing smells! My current favorite fall candle scent is called Caramel Latte from Threshold at Target.

  4. Visit a pumpkin patch For me, there is nothing more nostalgic about fall than visiting a pumpkin patch, exploring the corn maze, and finding the perfect pumpkin.

  5. Dress up You're never too old to dress up for Halloween, pajamas count too!

  6. Make (or buy) a pie Pumpkin, apple, and pecan are all delicious fall pies. Bake or buy one to taste the best of what the season has to offer.

  7. Decorate for fall Seasonal decorating isn't for everyone, but for me it adds an extra layer of coziness, and it provides a way to change up the house along with the season.

  8. Wear fuzzy socks There is nothing like the feeling of fuzzy socks on a cold day.

  9. Wear a cozy sweater One of my favorite things that comes with autumn is the sweater weather. Fall is just such a cozy season!

  10. Watch fall movies I'm not big on scary movies, but some of my favorites include Hocus Pocus, Corpse Bride, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Halloweentown!

  11. Carve a pumpkin Without fail I carve a pumpkin every year, and I don't plan to ever stop!

  12. Read a book Cuddle up with those fuzzy socks and cozy sweaters and read a book.

  13. Eat a caramel apple Although eating them is a bit of a hassle, they are a fall staple!

  14. Drink hot cocoa Drink a warm mug of hot cocoa, a chai tea latte, or whatever is your cup of tea ;)

  15. Make pumpkin bread The perfect pairing for your fall drink!

  16. Go on a hayride Who knew you could have so much fun with hay stabbing your backside.

  17. Drink a pumpkin spice latte This is a no brainer! It is pumpkin spice season after all!

  18. Go camping While camping isn't everyone's first option, there is something quite romantic about the idea of cozying up by a warm fire under the autumn starlight.

Whether you do everything on this list or nothing, just be sure to have a cozy fall season!

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