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Fantasy Stickers Collab!

So excited to share more with you about the fantasy stickers collaboration I had the privilege of creating with! Together we made 10 epic fantasy stickers for YOU to enjoy! From fierce red dragons to cute little snails, we have a sticker for your inner adventurer!

Let me tell you more about Anchored to the Word! They are a studio owned and lead by Benjamin Kreckman! He is an amazingly talented author and creator who makes great fantasy content for YOU, so you can explore other worlds and find rest that moves you. He has created content with a purpose, not just for entertainment, but with deeper roots. His writings and stories are filled with meaning and stories that will move your soul in the best possible way.

We thought long and hard to come up with art that we feel best represents fantasy as a genre as well as art that reflected my style and his content! His stories are filled to the brim with heroic characters, insane villains, and quirky creatures! That is what inspired these stickers. A glimpse of the magical worlds Anchored to the Word has created. Did I mention he has amazing books, games, and videos all made just for YOU? Shop here!

He also has an exceptional adventurer's blog, filled to the brim with free short stories! He is so talented and has the ability to transport you into another world within a few words. I always love reading his new stories, and he posts them daily!!!

Be sure to check out his website at and follow him on instagram at anchoredtothewordstudios. His content is beyond worth your time and affection!

Thank you again Anchored to the Word for working with me to create these amazing stickers!

Grab your epic fantasy sticker sheet here!

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