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Custom Twitch Emotes!

I had the honor of making custom twitch emotes for an amazing gamer! This was my first time ever making emotes and it was so much fun to create cute art that means something personal to someone and their community.

I love making art, but I especially love making custom art with a special purpose that brings people joy! It fees so great to know that my art can help individuals express their creativity and unique personalities! I love that my art can serve a purpose for someone and bring them joy at the same time!

Specifically these emotes were made for a gamer under the twitch handle alichue. She is a super talented gamer who streams her games frequently, definitely check out her accounts and subscribe to her twitch to be able to use these emotes and see them in action!

To see these emotes in further detail, feel free to check out my instagram or facebook page!

Custom Twitch Emotes

These Twitch emotes visualize alichue happily sipping on her matcha, snuggling her adorable black cat, Johnny (her kitty) , a chill brown bear, and a cute cozy bear in a scarf. The inspiration for these emotes was cozy vibes and warm colors! I definitely think we achieved the desired results! Thank you again to alichue for trusting me to make your visions a reality!

These emotes were made specifically for alichue according to her personality, life, and artistic vision for her Twitch page! Please don't copy or use these, feel free to share, but please give credit!

I love working one on one with people to help their visions materialize! If you're interested in custom twitch emotes, or any other custom art commissions feel free to contact me! I'd love to help you bring your artistic ideas to life while also bringing a smile to your face!

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